Meet Happea!

happy plant-based drink made from protein extracted from dry yellow peas

  • GMO Free

    Without any genetically engineered material and free from such organisms

  • Contains vitamins

    Rich in B12 and D3 - supporting your plant-based nutrition

  • Vegan friendly

    V-label certified - contains only plant based nutrients and not any animal derived products

  • Full with minerals

    Full with Calcium, Zinc and Iron to maintain a great plant-based diet

Why peas?

It is simple.

Peas are an amazing protein source perfectly cultivated in the European climate.

Full of protein and fiber, keeping fat low and cholesterol-free.

Whom is Happea made for?

Healthy ones
  • High in protein - what Happea is made for.

    One of the highest amounts of protein in dairy alternatives. And it is amazing!

  • We say yes to low in sugar!

    We use cane sugar - a high quality, natural sugar produced from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice (instead of rafined sugar). Therefore our sugar is less processed.

  • Natural flavours only!

    We are going in Happea for natural flavours only.

Company founder

More than 20 years ago, the Happea founder Markus Masin decided to become a doctor - the same as his parents. Now, more than 23 years later he is doctor, professor and the founder of Happea. For many years he has worked in the field of clinical nutrition and diabetology for helping people with different food intolerances and food allergies to secure the health.

It is essential you have enough of proteins, vitamins and micro-ingredients. Prof. Masin decided to help to find a better and easier solution of how to get these essential nutrients with delicious and healthy food that we eat everyday.